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An autobiography by actor and writer Alan Haines. A personal look at how the 20th century evolved through the eye of somebody on the middle rung, with a certain amount of history here, a tiny touch of politics there, a lot of laughter and some name dropping.

Alan Haines (1924 - 2011) did radio as a youngster for the BBC and spent 4 years in the Navy during the war, making his professional debut in 1946 as a schoolboy in Exercise Bowler at The Arts Theatre, London. Over a long theatrical career including many shows in the West End and many touring productions he worked with most of the prominent UK artists.

The title of the book is taken from Alan's song performed by him many times on stage.



Paperback: 144 pages

Size: 12.8 x17 cm

ISBN: 978-0-9555849-0-9

Price: £6