About us

How we started

Mer Publishing began as a labour of love. First manuscripts we worked on were the memoirs of two octogenarians, an English actor and a Polish factory worker. The fascinating stories of their lives reflected the history of the last century told from two extremely different perspectives. It was our privilege to publish their books and both authors were proud to see them in print.



Our vision

We are based in London and that's where we find our inspiration. People who live in this vibrant city come from all over the world and each person has a story to tell. Our ambition is to find and publish the most interesting life stories particularly the ones related to arts or written by artists. This kind of stories we would like to promote and that's what Mer Publishing is all about. We also want to save the memory of those once renowned authors who undeservedly went into oblivion.

Biographies, autobiographies, true stories

Books about real people

It is a common belief that a true story can often be more intriguing and unusual than fiction. Therefore we are always on the look out for the diaries, memoirs and letters written by ordinary people who happened to be involved in the most extraordinary events. What is a better source of information if not a first-hand account from those who lived through the experience?

Apart from our main interest, we will include in our catalogue an occasional book of poetry or a novel. Among the books we publish there are some titles in Polish.